Announcing the APC Blog

Greetings, and welcome to my blog.

I’m shifting from my email blasts to make it easier for you to comment on what is posted.

Like most appraisers, I spend the largest part of my days in an office, by myself, writing reports. Whether I’m working on a fee appraisal, or a complaint consultation, I don’t get to exchange ideas often enough with my peers. It’s far too easy to believe all my thoughts are brilliant when I have no one to provide feedback!

All comments will be welcome provided we follow this one simple rule:

Disagree without being disagreeable.

Most recently, I’ve been laying low and re-assessing my business model. That’s why I haven’t written in many months. After ten years of performing only appraisal review work as either an investigator or consultant, I’ve gone back to basics.

I’m still available for Appraisal Defender for those with complaints before a state board, and I still mentor, but the bulk of my income now comes from performing residential fee appraisals, and I’m loving it!

In the coming weeks and months, I will post new ideas salted in with items I previously wrote as e-blasts.

I hope you’ll join me!

Mark Loftus



2 thoughts on “Announcing the APC Blog

  1. Looking forward to the blog……

    FYI for all readers, the President of Movement Mortgage was on CNBC yesterday afternoon touting AI (artificial intelligence) as a the wave of the future for appraisals and indicated he was pushing GSE’s to accept AI in lieu of “time consuming and costly” appraisals completed by REAL appraisers. Perhaps readers can go on the CNBC archives (12-07-2017) and view the interview.
    Maybe readers should consider flooding the office of Movement Mortgage with their opinions in the matter or perhaps consider some sort of protest against this firm (mail, email, etc)………any thoughts out there?


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